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Episode 9: Microbiome/Probiotic Revelations – Secrets Critical To Your Health Part 1

Your microbiome and gut health massively impacts your skin and body. People are regularly prescribed antibiotics to treat a variety of conditions, but antibiotics kill a lot of the healthy bacteria that makes the microbiome strong.

On this show, I talk about how your microbiome develops and why your microbiome is specific to you. I also talk about the role of candida in your microbiome, how toxins in tap water and GMO foods influence your health, and how to keep your microbiome healthy.


  • How food influences your microbiome
  • What is your microbiome
  • How antibiotics influence health
  • Why tap water is harmful
  • How GMOs influence the microbiome
  • How GMOs impact health 

“Bleach is one of the nastiest poisons on the planet.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson   

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