Melasma Holistic Treatment

Melasma is very common, especially in women. Most people think that is it caused from sun damage but research shows that it is caused by liver damage. Like age spots, liver spots and melasma are protective responses from the skin.

If you have melasma in many areas of your face this tends to be a result of liver damage. Usually from birth control, hormone medications or pregnancy after age 30. Each hormone will affect different parts of your face. The forehead is from Progesterone, the cheeks are from Estrogen and around the mouth is primarily from Testosterone.

Underneath the brown colour is inflammation and redness. When exposed to significant sunlight the skin protects the redness with melanin resulting in large brown spots on the face. The best treatment for melasma is to heal liver damage.

Melasma is a condition that can be resolved. We have a holistic melasma treatment that will help to normalise the brown pigment over time.

Osmosis Skin Care Products For Melasma Treatment

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Look at our products below to see how to cure melasma from the inside. All Osmosis products are designed to treat your skin on a cellular level to stimulate permanent results.

Our Immune Activator will help cure melasma from the inside. Containing patented ingredients that naturally boost your immunity to repair your cells. Helping to strengthen your immune system and provide more oxygen to your cells.

Our serum Rescue contains the revolutionary ingredient trioxolane. Which helps the skin and body to fight pathogens, repair oxidative damage, and improve immunity.

Catalyst AC-11 is a DNA repair serum that activates your cells natural repair functions to improve skin tone and texture.

At Osmosis we’re focused on treating the whole self to holistically heal the skin from the inside out.

Check out our video from our founder Ben Johnson on his approach to treating melasma.

Also, look at our case studies below to see what Osmosis skin care products our clients used to treat their melasma.



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