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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Looking for anti-aging skin care? We’re here to help! At Osmosis we’ve been working with clients for many years helping them to combat the signs of aging. We’ve formulated products and skin care routines that significantly improve the health of your skin whilst eliminating the signs of aging.

What causes your skin to age?

As people grow older, their skin naturally ages. That is self-explanatory. However, there are various factors that can accelerate the aging process. These factors include your diet, heredity, and lifestyle habits. While you cannot control the genetics you inherit, other aspects can be managed to limit wrinkles, spots, and other signs of aged skin.

How inflammation influences aging

Inflammation is present in acne, rosacea, and other common skin conditions. Ongoing inflammation, however, is something that negatively affects skin health and is a large driving force behind the aging process. Even worse, and as it isn’t always visible, inflammation can be difficult to diagnose.

Inflammation influences aging because it can have a consistent detrimental effect on skin cells. This damage, which can be dished out anytime someone deals with stress, leads to wear and tear – and the evidence is visible with aging skin.

How diet impacts the aging process

Another important element that decides the skin aging process is diet. While many are conscious about how food can affect their waistlines, there’s less consideration for how it can impact the appearance of skin – both positively and negatively.

For instance, foods rich in antioxidants, such as vegetables and fruit, can fight off free radicals and boost even skin texture. On the other hand, highly processed foods can cause mild inflammation and aggravate skin conditions.

What can you do for aging skin?

You don’t have to face a losing battle against aging skin. Even if your diet has been lacking or you haven’t suitably protected against the sun’s ultraviolet light, there are ways to fight back and improve your skin’s health and appearance.

How collagen stimulators influence your skin

Numerous benefits can be gained by using collagen stimulators. Once applied on the skin, collagen first helps to moisturise the skin. With the right product, additional advantages gained can include improved skin elasticity, enhanced blood flow to the skin, and the reduction of visible wrinkles.

When to use Vitamin A serums

Vitamin A is a popular and effective nutrient for anti-aging skin. It is proven to thicken and stimulate the dermis, which is where your elastin, collagen, and blood vessels reside. The result of healthier and thicker skin assists with increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface while reducing visible wrinkles.

As for when to use Vitamin A serums, it is recommended to use it twice a week at least. For best effect, however, it should be applied to the skin each night.

How vitamin C influences your skin

Along with the dermis, high levels of vitamin C are found in the epidermis. It’s also known for its collagen production and antioxidant properties, making vitamin C an important nutrient in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. A suitable intake of vitamin C can also aid in repairing and preventing dry skin.

How to tighten the skin

Aside from going down the Botox and cosmetic procedure route, there are various methods available to tighten the skin. Using firming creams is an effective short-term solution, as is massaging the area where loose skin resides. While they take longer to achieve desired results, diet and exercise can also result in successfully tightening the skin.

Anti-aging skin care tips

There are numerous ways to protect your skin against aging. Here are some tips to add to your anti-aging skin care routine:

Protect against the sun

Sun damage can lead to blemishes, an uneven skin tone, and dry, dull skin. Most significantly, in this case, it can lead to your skin aging prematurely. Due to this, protection against the sun is essential. This includes using everything from sun protection cream to wearing appropriate clothing when out and about.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Smoking is well-known for greatly advancing the speed at which skin ages, resulting in a dull complexion and wrinkles. Consuming too much alcohol can also be damaging to the skin. As it dehydrates the skin, the long-term effect is it makes your skin appear older.

Apply skin care products

When you use the correct selection of skin care products, you’re supplying your skin with a wealth of beneficial nutrients. Along with helping to reverse signs of aging, they can also help with protecting your skin against the environment.

Osmosis anti-aging serums and skin care products

At Osmosis, we offer a wide range of anti-aging skin care products. Combining our in-depth knowledge about skin with our expertise in developing serums, we have meticulously worked to develop our product range. Our plant-based solutions are the ideal option for regaining your youthful complexion.

Renew Serum

Classified as Level 4, the Renew Serum boasts the highest vitamin A levels possible. Its inclusion of Retinaldehyde encourages collagen production and skin cell regeneration. The product’s lactic acid helps to remove dead skin cells, while peptides help to rebuild damaged cells.

With its commitment to boosting collagen production and reducing inflammation, our Renew Serum is designed specifically to repair existing skin damage and decrease signs of aging. It also boosts skin thickness, improves skin tone, and reverses the appearance of wrinkles.

Catalyst AC-11 Serum

The Osmosis Catalyst Serum is a powerful repair cream. It contains Ascorbic Acid, a high source of vitamin C, and AC-11, a patented formula designed to stimulate collagen production.

With its combination of vitamin C, minerals, and amino acids, the Catalyst Serum supplies numerous benefits for the skin. Hydration levels are boosted, skin elasticity is enhanced, and the skin is nourished. With continued use of this serum, the skin becomes smoother, firmer, and brighter. It’s also a great option for wound healing and reducing the visibility of scars.

Rescue Serum

As the name implies, our Rescue Serum is designed to rescue skin that has been damaged. Featuring Ozonized Ethyl Oleate, this remarkable ingredient is known for calming inflammation, neutralising toxins, stimulating epidermal wound repair, and so much more.

If you suffer from conditions such as acne and rosacea, the Rescue Serum is a fantastic product to have in your skin care routine. As far as skin care for aging skin goes, Rescue also helps reverse age spots, improve radiance, and enhance skin texture.

StemFactor Serum

The revolutionary StemFactor Serum incorporates advanced technology to heal, protect, and rejuvenate the skin. It’s particularly known for its anti-aging benefits and is described as being a bottled “fountain of youth.” After just a single-use, visibly younger-looking skin can be achieved as it battles against all signs of aging.

The product’s Growth Factor Enhanced Media features over 600 growth factors. These factors include FGF, TGF-B, B2, and B3, all of which aid with the production of collagens, and PDGF that aids with new cell development and angiogenesis development.

Replenish Antioxidant Serum

Full of beneficial antioxidants and amino-rich peptides, our Replenish Antioxidant Serum specifically assists in fighting free radicals, lowering inflammation, and rebuilding the skin’s structural matrix and framework. Aside from a luminous healthy glow, the serum results in skin that is both more youthful and stronger.

The lactic acid present in the Replenish Antioxidant Serum assists with gently resurfacing the skin, while wrinkles are reversed with the addition of tripeptide synthe-6. Potential environmental damage is also avoided with a combination of ginkgo biloba, green tea, and vitamin E extracts.

Why Choose Osmosis Skincare?

Osmosis takes a rigorous scientific approach to natural skin care. Every Osmosis skincare product includes a doctor-developed formula based on the latest research, evidence, and benefits of naturally sourced ingredients.

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