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Beautiful skin starts within™

The evolution of caring for the skin starts within. Our supplements and gold­ infused frequency enhanced elixirs were inspired by the skin-body connection and formulated to bring balance and help restore health and overall wellbeing to the entire body. From inner health radiates outer beauty.

  • Patented, safe formulations
  • Clinically proven to internally strengthen from within
  • Helps detox and encourages repair functions of the skin
  • Targets blemishes, aging, and skin irritation
  • Activated elixirs revive healthy cell function, encouraging optimal health

Experience beauty that goes more than skin deep.

The Osmosis Wellness collection was inspired by everyday life and designed with your clients’ skin in mind. Our rejuvenating elixirs and supplements were founded on the science of the skin-body connection, formulated to restore balance, overall health, and well-being to the entire body.

From inner health radiates outer beauty.

Our bodies are exposed to approximately one million toxins and harmful chemicals each day. Just as one would eat healthy to give their body nutrients and exercise to improve their overall health, taking the right supplements can counteract harsh environmental factors, as well as improve the skin.


Our treatment elixirs contain: scientifically crafted frequencies to restore balance and relieve symptoms; 24-karat gold to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation; and 75 cell-activating, plant-based minerals to replenish and enhance absorption of nutrients.


We target the source of skin conditions by diving inside the body for powerful transformations. Enhancing the vitality of the skin and body, our supplements are mindfully formulated to safely detox, increase the repair process, and improve the overall immune system.