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Osmosis Natural Eye Cream & Serum

Under eye skin isn’t like the epidermis across other parts of the face and it requires unique treatment. Osmosis eye cream was made to fit this purpose.

In the delicate under eye area, this skin is much thinner than the skin across other parts of the body. As collagen loss naturally occurs with age, wrinkles and fine lines appear here first.

It’s critical to choose an eye firming serum that’s only made with expertly crafted gentle ingredients for this sensitive skin. Every Osmosis anti-aging eye cream and under eye solution contains specially formulated ingredients to improve elasticity and support collagen production. Other eye care products simply don’t cut it.

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Our creamy eye serums are specifically designed to improve the delicate skin around the eyes from fine lines and wrinkles, to dark circles and de-puffing.

Osmosis Refresh eye serum contains myrrh essential oil which is widely studied for its ability to heal wounds, reduce inflammation, and act as an antioxidant. Additional essential oils like rosemary, sandalwood, and lime increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and offer the extra antioxidant potential to hydrate and detoxify skin while reducing age-related problems.

Compounds like lime essential oil and rosemary are also studied for their skin lightening power which makes them effective for reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Unlike other products for under eye dark circles, each Osmosis anti-aging eye cream is doctor-developed and clinically proven to partner with your body on a cellular level to encourage rejuvenation and deep healing.


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