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Osmosis Cosmeceutical Skincare, Wellness, and Cosmetics

Improve the health of your skin with Osmosis Skincare. Our natural cosmeceuticals give your skin the tools it needs to repair and nourish itself. Creating real, lasting results. Instead of treating isolated symptoms, our approach is to treat the whole self. Focused on holistic healing - not harming.

Say goodbye to your skin problems and feel confident about who you are again. We guarantee you'll be telling your friends about Osmosis at your next lunch date.


Clean, yet potent, ingredients. Doctor-developed formulas target problems at your dermal-epidermal junction. Encouraging vitality, regeneration, and DNA repair.


Beautiful skin starts within! Osmosis wellness elixirs and supplements stimulate natural collagen production, support immune function, and reduce inflammation with ingredients like 24k gold.


Oncology-friendly makeup works for your skin’s health. Providing antioxidant defense and UV support with natural long-wear pigments.

Help Your Skin Thrive with Osmosis Cosmeceutical Skincare

Everyone’s skin is unique. We each struggle with distinct genetics, environmental toxins, and sources of pollution. Osmosis products include patented and botanical-based ingredients that restore brightness, hydration, and elasticity.

Each product contains a pharmaceutical-grade delivery system. Allowing them to penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface. Targeting your skin on a cellular level to stimulate permanent results.

Dr. Ben Johnson founded Osmosis Beauty after he noticed patients were excessively exfoliating to self-treat skin woes. Our holistic solutions focus on dermal remodelling, DNA repair, and replenishing the skin’s protective lipid barrier.


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Natural Cosmeceuticals for Every Skin Type

We offer a range of cosmeceutical skincare, wellness, and makeup products. Unlike anything else on the market.

Osmosis Skincare  |  Osmosis Wellness  | Osmosis Colour 

All Osmosis products are non-toxic, doctor-developed, oncology-friendly, clinically validated, and cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny certified). 

So, are you ready to lap up all those compliments about your healthy, radiant skin?

Find an Authorised Osmosis Stockist Near You!

Crepe Correct Cream is fast becoming a staff favourite - why? The abundance of high-quality ingredients normally found in a facial moisturiser are now bottled up for the benefit of your body. This advanced body cream is expertly formulated to tackle the challenges of crepey skin, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to skincare.

PRO TIP: Enhance your results by using the Epic Body Tool to boost ingredient penetration and improve circulation.
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We are proud to partner with professional clinics that boast extensive expertise and in-depth skin knowledge. If you need personalized advice and help with your skin, why not see one of our approved professionals? By visiting one of our approved clinics, you gain access to tailored skincare solutions, advanced treatments, and professional-grade cosmeceuticals. Plus, our approved professionals stay updated with the latest industry advancements, ensuring you receive the most effective and cutting-edge care. 

To find an approved professional near you or to enquire about becoming an Osmosis Clinic please head to our link in bio.

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Meet Skin Aid. The latest addition to our wellness collection.

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Healthy, glowing skin is the best makeup. That’s why our professional Colour collection is thoughtfully crafted to nourish, restore, and unveil your complexion's radiant brilliance using gentle, non-toxic ingredients, botanicals, and natural pigments. Makeup your skin will love 🤍

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