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Osmosis Skincare for Enlarged Pores

Pores are small openings on the skin which release oil and sweat, and they are most obvious on your face. When you have enlarged pores, you will be able to see these openings on the skin more easily. They can give your skin a certain ‘orange-peel’ type texture which you may become conscious about. It may also result in makeup being difficult to apply smoothly if your skin looks and feels uneven due to enlarged pores.

While you can’t actively change the size of the pores on your skin, you can do many different things — and use the right products — to reduce the appearance of your pores.

If you have them, then you’re probably wondering how to get rid of enlarged pores. Our guide and products are here to help.

What Causes Enlarged Pores?

There are many reasons you could be suffering from enlarged pores. Some of the most common causes include the following:


Sometimes it’s simply more likely to suffer from certain skin conditions or appearances due to genetics. If your parents suffered with large pores, it’s more likely you’ll suffer with them, too. You can learn a lot about your skin by looking at what your parents are going through as they age.

Sun Damage

When your skin is damaged by the sun, it can become thicker in appearance. This, in turn, can make pores larger and more visible. Besides, prolonged exposure to the sun’s damaging rays can reduce the amount of collagen in your skin, which results in skin sagging and pores being more noticeable.


Blackheads, spots, and acne are all usually associated with enlarged pores. When you have acne or blackheads irritating pores, this can make them more noticeable.

Clogged Skin

When excess dirt or oil is collected in pores, this can cause blockages. If your pores and skin are clogged, this can make your pores more obvious and cause your pores to stretch due to the blockage.

Size of Oil Gland

If you have oily skin and a larger oil gland, you’re more likely to have bigger and more noticeable pores.

Sign of Aging

Enlarged pores are primarily a sign of aging, and knowing how to treat them can be tricky. As we age, our collagen levels drop, and our skin loses much of its elasticity.

Collapse of Skin

One of the main reasons for enlarged pores is the structural collapse of your skin. Your top two layers of skin (epidermis and dermis) become thin and collapse around the follicle. Pulling the pore open and exposing a larger pore.

Treatment to Minimise Enlarged Pores

There are lots of treatments out there that say they can repair enlarged pores. But most of them are just a temporary solution and don’t provide long-lasting results. Concentrating on skincare for enlarged pores is one of the best regular treatments to minimise the appearance of pores, such as the Osmosis skincare range.

Skincare Tips for Enlarged Pores

Alongside skincare treatment, there are good habits you can get into to minimise the appearance of pores.

  • Wash and cleanse your face thoroughly. To make sure that dirt and oil build up is removed daily, be sure to have a good cleansing routine to keep your skin clean. This is especially important if you wear makeup, as you then need to be sure all makeup is removed so that your pores don’t get clogged.
  • Use sunscreen every day. Use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage, so that this won’t affect the condition of your skin and encourage premature aging. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen before your makeup, and top up whenever you need it.
  • Don’t ignore acne. Acne can make enlarged pores look a lot worse, so you’ll want to target spots and acne separately if you want to help the appearance of your pores. You should look into acne treatment and encourage a good skincare routine.
  • Be kind to your skin. Be sure to treat your skin gently and don’t do anything to irritate your skin. Try not to rub your skin too harshly and risk rubbing bacteria or dirt further into your pores.
  • Pay attention to sagging skin. Sagging skin and aging skin, as mentioned, can cause pores to look larger. If your skin is showing signs of sagging, there are treatments you can get to tighten your skin and skincare products that can encourage better skin elasticity.

Osmosis Skincare to Minimise Pores

Looking for treatment for enlarged pores on face?

Osmosis skincare for enlarged pores treats your epidermal tissues allowing the skin to rebuild and repair. Restoring the skin structure for lasting results.

Our recommended enlarged pores treatment is to use our serum Rescue along with one of our other vitamin A serums. As they work to restore the part of the skin associated with enlarged pores.

Watch our video from our founder Dr. Ben Johnson to learn more about treatment for enlarged pores.

Browse our natural skincare for enlarged pores below.

If you’d like to discuss your skin concern book a 30-minute Zoom Consultation with one of our Professional Osmosis Skin Therapists.


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