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Osmosis Skincare for Enlarged Pores

There are many reasons you could be suffering from enlarged pores. Genetics, sun damage, blackheads, and clogged skin can make pores appear larger than they should. The size of your oil gland and the amount of oil you produce can also be factors. 

But enlarged pores are primarily a sign of aging, and knowing how to treat them can be tricky. As we age, our collagen levels drop, and our skin loses much of its elasticity. 

One of the main reasons for enlarged pores is the structural collapse of your skin. Your top two layers of skin (epidermis & dermis) become thin and collapse around the follicle. Pulling the pore open and exposing a larger pore.

There are lots of treatments out there that say they can repair enlarged pores. But most of them are just a temporary solution and don’t provide long-lasting results.

Looking For Treatment For Enlarged Pores?

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Osmosis skincare for enlarged pores treats your epidermal tissues allowing the skin to rebuild and repair. Restoring the skin structure for lasting results. 

Our recommended treatment for enlarged pores is to use our serum Rescue along with one of our other vitamin A serums. As they work to restore the part of the skin associated with enlarged pores. 

Watch our video from our founder Dr. Ben Johnson to learn more about treatment for enlarged pores.

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