Osmosis Natural Face Serums

All our natural face serums are specially formulated to treat your skin problems at their source and revitalise epidermal tissue from the inside out.

Every Osmosis natural skin serum contains a carefully crafted blend of plant-based and doctor-developed ingredients to deliver permanent change. Unlike other brands, Osmosis serums are designed to partner with the body and help it heal without triggering inflammation.

The serums below each serve a unique purpose: treating acne, healing scars, improving hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, restoring elasticity, and more.

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Our serum for mature skin, Catalyst AC-11, contains a patented formula to stimulate DNA repair by up to 40%. Broken capillaries, fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring are no match for Catalyst AC-11.

Osmosis vitamin A serums work with your skin on a cellular level to create an optimal environment for rejuvenation by stimulating the immune system, restoring collagen, and reducing inflammation.

Ingredients like beta glucan, essential amino acids, and vitamin C deliver unmatched antioxidant power to cleanse your skin of toxins and encourage genuine restoration deep beneath the surface.

Whether you’re looking for a rejuvenating serum for mature skin, calming serum for dry sensitive skin, anti-inflammation serum for acne and or rosacea, or skin lightening serums, you’ll find a solution below that fits into your skincare routine.


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