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Age Spots & Pigmentation Skincare

If you’re suffering from age spots or skin pigmentation it can be hard to find the right treatment. Luckily for you at Osmosis we’ve treated many of our clients suffering from skin pigmentation and age spots. Which has resulted in a significant reduction in their pigmentation plus an overall improvement in their skin tone, texture, and health.

What is Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation dictates your skin colour due to melanin levels. Melanin is a natural pigment in the body that provides your skin – and also your eyes and hair – with its unique colour. If your body experiences changes to melanin production, this can cause parts of your skin to become lighter or darker, creating an uneven skin tone.

There are different types of pigmentation. Hyperpigmentation leads to the skin pigment being darkened, while hypopigmentation is the result of lightened pigment. There is also depigmentation, which is a loss of pigment.

What Causes Pigmentation

There are numerous factors that cause pigmentation. Simple genetics you’re born with can play a significant role. However, there are other aspects that can play a critical role in changing your body’s melanin production. These include:

  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Aging
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Select chemotherapy drugs
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Obesity

How to Prevent Pigmentation

There are various steps you can take to prevent or reverse the effects of pigmentation. Avoiding direct sunlight is an obvious step to take. It’s also advised for you to limit touching your skin, particularly when it comes to your face. Picking or scratching at your skin, for instance, can cause inflammation and darker pigmentation.

One of the most effective methods is using a specialist pigmentation serum. They’re packed full of ingredients that can help correct melanin production while clearing up current skin conditions. For instance, a hyperpigmentation serum can clear up dark patches to produce an even skin tone.

Best Ingredients To Get Rid of Pigmentation

The good news is there are various ingredients that can be used to lower pigmentation – and even get rid of it entirely. Below are some of the best ingredients you will find in pigmentation skin care products.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, which is found in our serum Catalyst AC-11, is among the most effective ingredients for skin pigmentation treatment. This is because it helps block tyrosinase, a melanin-producing enzyme in your body. Along with reducing hyperpigmentation by preventing melanin production, vitamin C is an effective antioxidant – and this protects your skin from additional sun damage or other damage from outside pollutants.


A form of vitamin A, retinaldehyde also known as retinal is an effective ingredient you’ll find in anti-pigmentation skin care products. This is because it is particularly successful in exfoliating older, darker skin cells, while bringing forward newer, healthier skin cells to the surface. This cell turnover is an effective way to deal with hyperpigmentation.

At Osmosis we use retinaldehyde in our vitamin A serums as it’s not sun-sensitising so it doesn’t increase your risk of UVA/UVB damage or hyperpigmentation, unlike Retinol. Meaning you can include it in your daytime skincare program.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3)

Another vitamin form, this time vitamin B3, is again helpful in dealing with age spots and pigmentation. Niacinamide is part of cell metabolism, which means the topical application of this ingredient can disrupt the cell pigmentation process. The result: skin is brightened. Furthermore, niacinamide is known to treat acne, which further assists with preventing future scarring and hyperpigmentation. 

Osmosis Treatment For Pigmentation

At Osmosis, we have developed a range of pigmentation skincare products. Below is a list of products proven to be a pigmentation solution.

Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair Serum

Our Catalyst A-11 repair serum is beneficial for numerous skin conditions. It is also recognised as one of the best products for pigmentation available. Combining minerals, amino acids, and vitamin C, the ingredients in Catalyst AC-11 help with reducing hyperpigmentation and giving you a more even skin tone.

Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum

If we’re discussing the best serum for pigmentation, Rescue is among those at the top of the list. Suitable for every skin type, this epidermal repair serum is ideal for pigmented skin types. This is thanks to it bringing together active ingredients such as ozonized ethyl oleate and cyclodextrin, all of which help to soothe the skin, dramatically improve texture, and calm inflammation.

Purify Enzyme Cleanser

Featuring natural ingredients such as kiwi fruit extract, bromelain, and papain, our Purify cleanser helps with gently melting away impurities without any skin irritation. Along with helping to combat hyperpigmentation, it transforms dull, tired skin by boosting its overall radiance.

Correct Preventative Retinal Serum

With retinaldehyde and other beneficial ingredients, Correct is another effective serum for treating pigmentation. Along with reducing the signs of aging, this product is known to combat uneven skin tones by lowering pigmentation levels.

Renew Advanced Retinal Serum

This advanced retinal serum is packed with an assortment of ingredients that aid pigmentation treatment. These ingredients include retinaldehyde, aka retinol’s least irritating form, and niacinamide. Along with boosting the skin’s moisture supply and offering anti-aging properties, Renew’s anti-inflammatory properties help to smooth your skin and reduce pigmentation. 

Why Choose Osmosis Skincare?

Osmosis takes a rigorous scientific approach to natural skin care. Every Osmosis skincare product includes a doctor-developed formula based on the latest research, evidence, and benefits of naturally sourced ingredients.

If you’d like to discuss your skin concern book a 30-minute Zoom Consultation with one of our Professional Osmosis Skin Therapists.


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