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Dark Eye Circle Treatment

Are you fed up with looking tired and rundown? Dark eye circles take hold of your confidence and make you want to hide indoors. We get it. But don’t get weighed down by the ‘baggage’ under your eyes.

The skin under your eyes is incredibly thin and delicate. It requires special treatment, unlike anywhere else on your face. That’s why you have to treat it separately from the rest of your face.

What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

You may have wondered what causes dark circles under your eyes in order to better adjust your lifestyle to avoid any triggers. Here, we explore the main causes of dark eye circles.

Kidney Strain

Your kidneys are in charge of a healthy balance of fluids, water, and minerals in your body. That isn’t to say that people with dark eye circles have a kidney problem, but strain on the kidneys — such as an imbalance due to stress — can thereby affect your skin’s appearance or your sleep pattern.

Excess Caffeine

Because the area of skin under the eyes is so thin, it’s at a higher risk of dehydration and looks more obvious when the skin there is dehydrated. Drinks high in caffeine only serve to dehydrate your skin rather than hydrate it, resulting in obvious dark circles.

Use of Aspirin or Ibuprofen

Aspirin and ibuprofen have the potential to harm the kidneys or cause an imbalance, which in turn can lead to the strain discussed above.

Lack of Sleep

There’s no doubt you look more tired with more sallow skin when you’re suffering from a lack of sleep. Dark under eye circles is most predominantly associated with people who haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Sleep is vital for your body to recover, rest and replenish, as well as keep your skin looking its best. If you’ve been neglecting sleep, your skin and body are going to reflect that.

Anxiety or Stress

Anxiety and stress can affect your sleep pattern, your ability to feel energised, and your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The more anxious or stressed you feel, the more your body will react negatively to that, which in turn can leave you dehydrated or your skin showing signs of tiredness.


Age can also play a major role. As we age, our skin loses fat in certain areas – such as the face or hands. This fat loss makes your skin appear even thinner.
You can fight back to reduce under eye circles and puffiness as well as sagging. Regain your confidence with a treatment that works.

Treatments: How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Here we discuss how to treat dark eye circles and the significant changes you can make.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Help Improve Dark Circles?

  • Getting enough sleep. Sleep is vital for your body’s recovery and for having your skin look its best. If you can get into the habit of a healthier sleep-wake pattern, and ensure that you always get the amount of hours sleep you need, then your skin will look in better condition and reduce the risk of under eye circles and tired eyes.
  • Drinking enough water. Drinking water is essential for keeping the body and skin hydrated. The more hydrated the skin on your face, and the skin under your eyes, the less susceptible it will be to looking dry, dark, and tired.
  • Reduce your caffeine intake. We all know that a good cup of coffee is essential for the day, but if you feel you’re drinking far too much, you may want to reduce your caffeine intake to be more hydrated instead. This will allow your skin to avoid dehydrating.
  • Protect your skin from the sun. The sun’s harmful UV rays have the risk of ageing your skin and causing more obvious blemishes. As the skin becomes thinner as it ages, you’ll want to avoid any premature effects on your face, and particularly the skin under your eyes. Always be sure to wear UV protection when out in the sun.

Home Remedies for Dark Eye Circles

  • Apply something cold to the skin under your eyes. This will help to reduce puffiness or swelling, which can combine with dark eye circles when you’re tired, or your skin is irritated. You could try a cold washcloth compress, or cold slices of cucumber.
  • A good cover up product. Targeting the issue at the source with better habits and the right skincare treatment is essential, but that doesn’t mean you can’t always rely on a trusty cover up product to mask blemishes or dark circles. Use sparingly so that the skin under your eyes doesn’t become more irritated.
  • Get extra sleep. As mentioned, getting enough sleep is something you can easily do at home, and ensure you do regularly. This is a fundamental home remedy if you’re suffering from dark circles and have noticed you’re not getting enough sleep.
  • Elevate your head. Making sure you have a supportive pillow that properly elevates your head will help to avoid blood pooling around the area of your eyes, which can run the risk of a puffier or more swollen appearance.

Osmosis Skincare Treatment for Dark Eye Circles

Get a dark eye circle treatment that gives you lasting results.

Refresh your under-eye area with ingredients like collagen and plant-based nutrients to reduce puffiness and bags. All of our products include doctor-developed formulas for unmatched results.

Osmosis under-eye treatments are specially designed to defend your delicate skin against environmental toxins while boosting cellular repair. Stimulating permanent results.

Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles with our Elixirs and creams. All include botanical-derived extracts to stimulate collagen and elastin production while offering deep hydration.

The result? A firmer, plumper, and brighter under-eye area… that lasts.

Browse our products below and start your under eye treatments for dark circles today.

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