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Episode 6: The Top 5 Serums You Need In Your Skincare Routine

A lot of people ask me about the best serums to use on aging skin. In order to answer that question best, we have to talk about what’s missing in your skin as you get older. I’ve formulated the Osmosis serums to help bring back some of these missing components.

I share with you the top 5 Osmosis serums for aging skin, and I go over how the aging process scientifically influences the skin. I also walk you through the ingredients that I use to formulate each serum, and how and why these ingredients help replenish the skin with the nutrients that it needs to thrive.


  • What you can do for aging skin
  • The ingredients that are used in Osmosis skincare
  • Why your skin ages
  • What fat pads do for the skin
  • How to repair sun damage
  • The 3 layers of aging to think about
  • How collagen stimulators influence your skin
  • When to use Vitamin A serums
  • How vitamin C influences your skin
  • How to tighten the skin 

“Your skin, like everything else, wants to be at full capacity if it can. But it struggles to stay at full capacity the more we reduce its nutrients supply.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson  

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