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Episode 5: Holistic Skin Mapping – What Your Skin is Trying to Tell You

Our skin’s health is most influenced by our internal health. When our internal organs are working hard to detox or stay healthy, our skin can serve as a map that gives us clues about what it is happening inside our bodies.

I have been studying skin mapping for about 20 years. In this episode, I’m sharing some basic skin-mapping clues to look for so that you can know what to do in order to repair your health and skin.

Today, I talk about the root cause to different acnes in certain parts of your face and body, why you might have bags under your eyes and what to do about it, what it means when you have redness and irritation around the mouth, and much more.

  • How the body responds to toxins
  • How your body can repair itself
  • Why thoughts influence your health
  • What’s happening when the eyelids start to flake
  • Why there are bags under your eyes
  • How to holistically fix skin issues
  • Where your skin is trying to detox pesticides
  • Why you might be getting acne on their arms, legs, or low-back
  • Why your skin is detoxing

““You got to clear the slate. You’ve got to remove the toxins out of your system. You’ve got to restore your proper oxygenation levels through exercise. You’ve got to make better food choices. And then, it doesn’t matter what comes at you – your body will just have a much better ability to handle it.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson 

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