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Episode 18: Pandemic Update – The Slippery Slope Part 2

This is the second of a two-part series on man-made viruses. We are talking about viral evolution on this show.

I call these episodes “slippery slope” because a lot of the news and information that the public receives that is manipulated. There is a lot of power in corrupt governments and extreme wealth that is controlling our systems and our health. 

I walk you through how viruses work, things to think about when critically assessing the systems and societies that we live in, why a healthy microbiome is important, information about how viruses influence your DNA, why this virus is man-made, and more.


  • How to know if a virus is man-made
  • How to defend yourself from coronavirus
  • Why viruses are man-made
  • How we’ve been poisoned
  • The importance of microbiome health
  • What is immunity
  • The importance of oxygenation
  • How chemotherapy influences your DNA
  • Who dominates our health systems
  • What is the divine goal
  • The power of consciousness

“ The most important protection mechanism that you have against viruses is already in really good shape, and that is your DNA…” 

– Dr. Ben Johnson  

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