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Episode 16: The Link Between Emotions and Certain Diseases And Skin Conditions

For a long time, I have been talking about the link between pathogens, toxins and emotions. I’ve talked about pathogens and toxins in other episodes, but today I’m going to talk about emotions and the way that emotions influence our health.

Our bodies are made of atoms which are full of energy. When we feel and hold onto a certain emotion, it holds an energy that can influence the atoms in our body. On this show, I talk about the emotions that are related to various health issues (and the diseases that are not usually tied to emotions too). I hope this information is helpful to you in your healing journey. 


  • How emotions influence your health
  • What is the energy grid
  • How the energy grid influences our body
  • Emotions that are related to diseases
  • What issues do NOT have emotional triggers
  • How fear influences your health
  • The emotions that lead to various health issues 

“99.9999% of you is empty space.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson 

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