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Episode 11: How Hormone Toxins Are Affecting Your Children (And You!)

Thirty years ago, I was fascinated with why girls were starting to menstruate at a younger and younger age, and we’ve seen more and more hormonal issues among girls and boys since then. Research shows that estrogenic toxins in food, water, and products influence our hormonal health in profound ways. This episode is about generational differences and how our children are impacted by our dramatically toxic environments.

Today, I talk about chemicals in food, sunscreen, water and more that you should be aware of in order to keep your children (and yourself) hormonally safe and healthy. I talk about how estrogen toxins can influence boys and girls, symptoms of estrogenic toxicity to be aware of, and much more. 


  • How toxins influence hormones
  • What are hormone toxins
  • How boys are impacted by estrogen disruptors
  • How to treat candida overgrowth
  • What happens when you have low estrogen
  • How girls are impacted by estrogen toxicity
  • What foods to avoid to get rid of eczema
  • How sugar influences skin
  • Why some girls get facial hair at a young age
    Symptoms and side effects of estrogen imbalance in children
  • What causes acne on the neck
  • What causes acne on the jaw line
  • What causes acne on the chest and back 

“When you realize that these things that are happening to your children are fixable and reversible in many cases, it is so empowering.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson  

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