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Feed Your Skin: Foods for Healthy Skin. Heal Your Skin From The Inside and Out

Proper skin care is not just about what products you put on your face, but also what you are putting in your body. Supplements and elixirs play a powerful role, but there’s just nothing quite like the vitamins in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. You need the right food for healthy skin. Plus, gut health and clear skin are directly correlated, so fueling your body with foods that empower your digestion will result in clear skin and a brilliant radiance. We’re providing the ultimate guide to feeding your skin through your diet and which foods to reach for to achieve a healthy glow.

1. Healthy Fats

Foods that are rich in essential fatty acids such as avocados, olive oil, salmon, and nuts and seeds, work to maintain the skin’s moisture content, keeping the barrier healthy and strong while also promoting natural elasticity (AKA, less wrinkles). These fatty acids are also, many times, anti-inflammatory to help slow the appearance of aging and reduce redness and irritation of the skin.

Topically: You can find these healthy fats in our natural Moisturisers to help boost results!

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2. Antioxidants

There are many different types of antioxidants and they can be found in a variety of foods, particularly fruits and veggies! Antioxidants are commonly known for empowering the skin, as they limit free-radical production to keep it looking younger for longer! Antioxidant-rich foods include berries, dark chocolate, leafy greens, citrus, and more!

Topically: Our potent antioxidant concentrate serum Replenish, delivers optimal doses of antioxidants directly into the skin every day!

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3. Vitamin C

Aka – Vitamin ‘Collagen’, this power-packed ingredient has been proven to boost collagen production for supple skin, as well as aid in healing hyperpigmentation. Get your daily dose with fruits and veggies that flaunt vibrant colors like kiwi, bell peppers, citrus, and broccoli! Try this rainbow salad for the ultimate dose of vitamin C.

Topically: Our Catalyst Serum contains vitamin C combined with advanced technology to even skin tone, heal wounds, and increase DNA Repair by 33%.

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4. Gut-Healing Probiotics

Foods that undergo the fermentation process can offer healing and restoration to the gut and digestive tract because of the amount of bioavailable nutrients they posses. Imbalances of the digestive system can cause skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema. So instead of approaching the concern with harsh chemicals and scrubs, start within by restoring the gut’s microbiome levels and increasing absorption of minerals and nutrients.

We love kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt!

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5. Enzymes

Your body produces enzymes that help your digestive system break down the food you eat, absorb the nutrients, and remove the rest from the body. Certain raw foods contain powerful enzymes that assist your body in this process, increasing nutrient absorption and digestion efficacy, while preventing skin conditions caused by digestive distress. Implement foods like microgreens, papaya, pineapple, and figs into your diet to optimize gut function, in-turn promoting clearer, healthier skin!

Topically: Utilize the power of bromelain (the enzyme derived from pineapple) on your skin with our Enzyme Cleanser Purify to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and debris!

PRO TIP: Does your digestion need a little extra back up? Get relief from an imbalance digestive tract with our Digestive Relief Elixir. Assists with breaking down food, taking a little load off of your system!

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Help your skin help you by fueling your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will promote a healthy gut on the inside. Powered with natural skin care products that will help you achieve a smooth, radiant, glow on the outside!