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Understanding Melasma & Holistic Solutions to Healing

Melasma is an increasingly common skin condition, predominantly in women, where we start to see dark spots of pigmentation on our skin. If you are experiencing this frustrating symptom, you’re not alone! Though it is a challenging condition to treat, there is hope. We are exploring the root cause of this hyperpigmentation and how to treat it both topically and at its source for permanent change and long-term results! Stay tuned to learn all you need to know about melasma and the tools for a safe and effective protocol. Learn the causes. Research proves that melasma is connected to damage of the liver which can result in pigmented spots appearing on the forehead, upper cheeks and temples, lower cheeks and jawline, or around the mouth. Hormone imbalances can cause strain on the liver as well, a reason this condition is more prevalent in women, especially those who take birth control pills or who are pregnant or new mothers. Treating at the source. The best first step in tackling melasma is taking an internal approach with natural supplements, wellness products, diet, and lifestyle changes. We have seen great success with an anti-fungal diet, meaning it is best to steer clear of heavy yeasts and fungal foods like bread and mushrooms. We also recommend Restore, a top-selling Osmosis supplement containing a patented oxygen molecule that the body utilizes to fight off infections and repair oxidative damage, one of the key factors in healing melasma. Holistic topical treatments. There are many mainstream topical treatments available that offer only temporary lightening of pigmented spots, while inflicting long-term damage to the skin. These short term results do not outweigh the long-term devastation. Here at Osmosis, we pride ourselves in safe, effective, and holistic products containing natural ingredients that work with our skin. Start with a Vitamin A: Our Vitamin A Serums utilize retinaldehyde to improve the overall health of the skin by creating an environment for remodeling through increased nutrient supply and collagen and elastin production. This helps inhibit skin pigmentation.
Repair the DNA: Catalyst AC-11 is our advanced serum that activates your natural zinc finger remodeling process. This process will bring healing to your skin and reduce pigmentation without irritation.
Reinforce with Epidermal Repair: Our revolutionary patented serum, Rescue, contains a highly active ingredient called Trioxolane which delivers a boost of immunity to the skin. This will help dramatically improve texture and appearance of age spots. Top it off: Don’t forget to top off your protocol with a spritz of your favorite Activating Mist, Clear or Clear Plus+, to ensure optimal product penetration, light hydration, and boosted results!
Protect from further damage: Lather up with SPF (during all seasons) to prevent further damage from UVA and UVB rays that can cause severe hyperpigmentation.
Though melasma can be challenging to treat, if you have patience and treat from the inside out, you will start to see permanent change and results throughout your journey! Regain your youthful, radiant glow with the full protocol here.