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Osmosis Ingestible Elixir Remedies

The ancient Egyptians consumed an elixir made of liquid gold to rejuvenate youthfulness and protect the body against disease. In Ayurvedic medicine, Indian practitioners administered gold called Swarna Bhasma to revitalise the mind and body.

Osmosis Elixir remedies contain edible 24-karat gold, vitamins, and minerals to protect the body against disease and accelerate nutrient absorption. Now, you can revitalise and rejuvenate skin and overall health from the inside out with Osmosis’s doctor-developed elixirs.

Osmosis Frequency Enhanced Water and Other Elixir Remedies

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Glowing skin begins within. Osmosis frequency enhanced water, and other elixirs are specially formulated to solve specific problems within the body that end up manifesting in troublesome skin conditions.

Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, clogged pores, blemishes, dull appearance – take charge of your skin health. Your skin’s health directly reflects the internal health of your body, such as your digestion and immune system. Osmosis Elixirs contain special nutrients and patented blends with botanical ingredients, antioxidants, and enzymes to activate the immune system and much more.

From alcohol detox to sun damage and repair, the 24-karat gold infusion and bioactive minerals are specially formulated to promote physical and mental health. You’re left with brilliant and authentically radiant skin!


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  • Osmosis Wellness Sugar Detox Elixir 125ml
  • Osmosis Wellness Mosquito Elixir 125ml
  • Osmosis Wellness Joint Relief Elixir 125ml
  • Osmosis Wellness Digestive Relief Elixir 125ml
  • Osmosis Wellness Emotional Well Being Elixir 125ml
  • Osmosis Wellness Immune Defense Elixir 460ml
  • Osmosis Wellness Relax Unwind Elixir 125ml
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