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Osmosis Activating Face Mist Sprays

Osmosis activating face mist sprays are not just a natural toner. They are specially designed to enhance the efficiency and delivery of your Osmosis concentrated serums.

Each Osmosis face mist spray is doctor-developed using a pharmaceutical-grade delivery system to penetrate skin on a cellular level with botanical ingredients. Since this creates a healthy environment for your skin to thrive and absorb nutrients, you’re left with radiant skin.

Enhance Product Penetration With Our Natural Face Mists

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Osmosis Activating Mists contain essential minerals and peptides like fulvic acid and humic acid. Don’t be frightened off by the word “acid.” Fulvic and humic acids are organic ingredients found in soil and peat that maximise nutrient absorption.

All Osmosis sprays are specially designed with natural and gentle ingredients to work with your skin.

Using harmonised water, essential minerals, and peptides, Osmosis natural sprays activate your skin’s epidermal growth factor and keratinocyte growth factor to help the skin repair itself. Furthermore, each Osmosis Activating Mist Spray is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral to protect skin against environmental contaminants and toxins.

Use these frequency-enhanced sprays from Osmosis to accelerate the delivery and effectiveness of your concentrated Osmosis serums, create a nutrient-dense powerhouse, and deliver optimal results.

All Osmosis nutrient-activating mists are suitable for use with all skin types.


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  • Osmosis Boost Peptide Activating Mist
    Activating Mists


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  • Osmosis Infuse Mist MD 100mL


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