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Episode 7: Insider Secrets – Cosmeceutial Ingredients, Procedures and Devices Part 1

Some people choose to do cosmetic procedures in order to look better, but how do these procedures and ingredients actually impact your skin?

It is important to realize that certain cosmetic ingredients and procedures are bad for your health and they can take away from your natural beauty in the long run.

On this show, I’m talking about how Botox, LED light therapy, fillers, and other cosmetic ingredients, procedures, and devices influence your skin. I talk about why Botox doesn’t work as a preventative for aging, the best way to use LED devices, how fillers influence your health, and much more. 


  • What you can do for aging skin
  • The ingredients that are used in Osmosis skincare
  • What LED lights do to the skin
  • Does LED light increase collagen?
  • How to use LED devices
  • What saunas do to your
    Does Botox work?
  • Why Botox does not prevent wrinkles
  • The problems with Botox
    How fat pads influence your skin
  • How Botox influences your brain
  • What fillers do to your health 

“The truth is there for us to see. It is whether or not you’re paying attention.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson 

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