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Episode 4: The Science Behind Internal Causes and Skin Health

Your skin is a messenger and a lot of the time people don’t realize that their skin conditions might be a result of internal issues. Things like acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc, most people think of as skin issues, but actually, certain organs in your body are probably trying to get rid of toxins.

On this show, I talk about what is happening internally inside your body to cause skin issues. I specifically talk about four common causes of acne, and what often causes psoriasis, eczema, and melasma, how to fix your internal health (including avoiding bleach and chlorine in our food) to improve your skin and more. 


  • What causes blackheads
  • Why your gut health influences your skin
  • Which organs are connected to skin issues
  • Why people get blackheads
  • How to know if skin issues are related to too much candid in the digestive track
  • How skin reacts to food preservatives
  • What causes acne
  • How to treat psoriasis
  • What’s in the water
  • What causes lupus?
  • Why you have eczema on the upper eyelids
  • Why you have puffy eyelids
  • What is the emotion behind melasma

“What turns genes on and off? Poisons, pathogens, and emotions.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson  

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