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Episode 39: Pandemic Insights Part 3

There seems to be a lot of misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, and today I’m sharing my current pandemic insights. In the current global landscape, it is important to be clear on how viruses work and the best ways to get through things. 

As a holistic M.D., my work revolves around understanding the latest science around health. I share holistic health information, and what other doctors might not be telling you. On this show, I also talk about how herd immunity works, why we should be concerned by vaccines, and how politics influence the pandemic.


*** NOTE: Dr. Ben is voicing his personal opinions; this information is not being presented as factual evidence.***

  • Do rNA based viruses adapt over time?
  • What exactly is rNA?
  • What is the unfortunate reality about viruses?
  • How does the vaccine affect fertility?
  • What is the key receptor in identifying viral activity?
  • What did an Israeli study find about the effectiveness of natural immunity versus vaccines?
  • What are some antibiotics Dr. Ben recommends avoiding?
  • What does Dr. Ben recommend you do if you get vaccinated?
  • What is “natural immunity”?

“The only way rNA can modify is through the behavior of the human body.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson         

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