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It is a new year, and it is time for some real rejuvenation, inside and out. Though we’re still in a pandemic, it is in our best benefit to continue on the path of holistic health. On this episode, I talk about how you can holistically rejuvenate your skin and your body, so that you can survive the pandemic and improve your skin at the same time. 

I talk about the new Osmosis Beauty product, Regenerate, and how it can and will influence your skin and body. I also share tips on building your microbiome and keeping your gut healthy, why you should avoid toxins and harsh chemical procedures, the truth about fat pad loss in your skin, my hypothesis about how your liver health influences your metabolism, and much more.

  • Why traumatic procedures are hard on your body
  • How the mind influences the body
  • The way consciousnesses works
  • How to start rejuvenating your health
  • Holistic options for anti-aging
  • What mega-dosing alpha ketoglutarate does
  • How Regenerate works
  • How your liver health influences your metabolism
  • Why a healthy gut microbiome helps your health
  • How your skin is affected by fat pad loss
  • Why anti-oxidants might not be as helpful as you think
  • How mainstream anti-aging procedures actually make your skin worse
  • What retinaldehyde does
  • How to create collagen in the skin
  • What you can do to rejuvenate your health

“What our ego does is it introduces new areas of change into the system that aren’t necessarily best for the system.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson       

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