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Episode 3: Pandemic Skin Conditions

A lot of people have been noticing that their skin is freaking out during this quarantine time.

Today, I talk about the root causes to some of the skin issues that you might be experiencing right now – like rosacea, acne, and flaky eyelids.

I share some lifestyle tips that can help you clear up your skin. I address how mucus, sugar, and estrogen toxins are influencing you, and most importantly, what you can do to make your skin more clear. I also talk about the stimulants to be aware of during this quarantine time and some products and ingredients that can help your skin issues.


  • How food preservative influence your skin
  • What causes breakouts out near the jaw line
  • Why food preservatives affect your hormones
  • How to detox from estrogen toxins
  • Why sugar influences your skin
  • What stimulants to be aware during quarantine
  • How to avoid mucus formation
  • Why you’re having eyelid irritation
  • What main skin issues are coming out during the pandemic

“The trick is to distinguish between your ego-mind telling you something and intuition telling you something.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson 

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