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Episode 23: The Most Important Skincare Ingredients: A Shopper’s Guide Part 2

Last episode I dove into retinols and a few other ingredients to invest in (or avoid) when buying skincare. In this episode, I’m talking more specifically about the types of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and peptides to look for in your skincare. In recent years, Vitamin C has become quite popular in skincare, but today, I go through the best Vitamin C’s for your skin and which ones to stay away from. 

I also talk about my thoughts on antioxidants and the types of antioxidants that I recommend. Finally, I share the truth about collagen peptides and how to know if a study is a reliable piece of information when you’re doing your own research.


  • Is Vitamin C good for your skin?
  • What ascorbic acid is and how it works
  • The biggest challenges to Vitamin C
  • What types of Vitamin C are best for the skin
  • What is the role of Vitamin C?
  • How oxidized Vitamin C influences your skin
  • The difference between non-oxidized and oxidized Vitamin C
  • What AKG is
  • The truth about antioxidants
  • What alpha lipoic acid is
  • How does Coq10 work
  • How to naturally increase collagen
  • The importance of chlorella
  • Do peptides really work?
  • Rules of thumb when using peptides
  • The importance of using amino acids
  • How to tell if a study is reliable

“I think the most important thing to say about Vitamin C is that it is not critical to the skin because it is an antioxidant. It is critical to the skin because of the role it plays in your dermis where it causes a reaction called hydroxylation.”

– Dr. Ben Johnson   

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