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COVID-19 – A Message from Dr Ben Johnson

I have been asked by you to share my thoughts and recommendations on how best navigate this COVID-19 situation.

I think the operative word is preparedness, not panic. I believe this virus will establish itself into a seasonal event like the flu that will diminish in severity every year due to increasing immunity. Unfortunately, in these early stages, there will be a burden on our healthcare system. We are hearing a lot about vaccines, but the good and bad of a virus this infectious is that immunity will develop in most of us as we eventually become infected. This will likely mean that the majority of society (over 2 years) will not need a vaccine because they will have natural immunity from exposure. The goal right now with all of the draconian measures is to keep the rate of new infections down so that we don’t end up like Italy where doctors are having to choose who lives and dies as the ventilators, oxygen and beds are in short supply.

COVID-19 has unique properties that make it persistent and highly infectious. I would not be surprised if by the end of the year it has passed through a majority of the US. This is the main reasoning for State and Federal mandated closures and safeguards to “flatten the curve”.

This virus is harder on those with more compromised immune systems. The most vulnerable are those on medication that suppresses immunity, obese people, smokers, those with high blood pressure and individuals over 60, particularly those over 80. Another risk factor are those immunosuppressed by an existing infection.

I correlate many of these risk factors to a common denominator, low oxygenation. Your immune system uses oxygen to kill viruses and oxygen levels in your tissues determine your fighting capacity. All of the above risk factors share that trait with the caveat that not everyone who has one of those risk factors has this problem, but a majority do.

For this reason, I recommend everyone begin exercising regularly at home as much as their health allows. People should be trying harder than ever to quit smoking at this time. Vaping should stop as well because it does inflame the lungs to a degree. Do not mega-dose antioxidants like Vitamin C, resveratrol, etc. They reduce free radicals in the body but at high doses they reduce the free radicals your body uses to fight viral infections.

I hear people say that masks do not help, but I disagree. If you can get a mask for you and your family that is N95 or higher, you should. The reason they say that doctors need them is because they help. I understand that they do not want you to hoard masks so that we do not take away from the necessary protection needed for our brave first responders. However, getting a few masks that keep you from infecting others and vice versa it best for society overall and should be considered when your activity puts you in contact with others.

Here are key aspects to COVID-19:

  • It is spread by contact with infected surfaces (most commonly hands) where it can survive on hard surfaces according to some studies for up to 9 days.
  • It is also spread by aerosol droplets from talking or sneezing which is why eye protection is almost as important as face masks. Loose fitting masks allow air to move around the mask without filtration so teach everyone to keep a tight fit if they are going into a community situation.
  • If you have a mask, you know that adjusting it frequently is unavoidable. Be conscious of what you touch while you are touching your mask.
  • Staying 6 feet away from others is a good practice as that helps prevent infection.
  • According to the CDC, it has an incubation period of 2 to 14 days. Some studies suggest it is as long as 27 days for some individuals. This appears to be based on immune health and oxygenation where the most compromised likely have the shortest incubation period and those are the ones showing up first in the early stages of the pandemic in the US. Incubation period means the period where you have been infected but have yet to show symptoms.
  • Those infected can spread the virus before they develop symptoms. This is one reason I recommend a mask when you are out and about in the next few weeks when new cases really start to gain steam.
  • If someone in the household becomes infected, you can expect it to infect everyone else which is why any efforts to leave the home for groceries and/or necessary activities should be well thought out.

Many countries are working on anti-viral treatments and many versions of vaccines. I have provided US and Chinese government officials some of the Osmosis Immune Defense that will hopefully be successful in treating the COVID-19 infection. There are simply not a lot of options available in medicine for this virus. I am recommending that my clients, family and friends maintain the following Osmosis protocol as a preventative, supportive and potentially curative option if you should contact COVID-19.

This is taken sublingually every day. You can take one to two dropperfuls. Those with medications or medical conditions that increase your risk should take 2 dropperfuls daily. The active ingredient is Trioxolane (INCI: Ozonized Ethyl Oleate). It has clinically proven immune strengthening and anti-viral properties, but it has not yet been tested on COVID-19 cases. We have found it very useful in helping boost immunity for those with limited exercise routines or poor health.
This is a topical anti-viral. It contains the same ingredient as Immune Activator, trioxolane. Used topically twice daily it can provide increased anti-viral protection to our facial skin. Since the face is one of the most endangered points of contamination, it makes sense to add protection. It has not been specifically tested for COVID-19 and is not meant to be definitive protection against infection. It is just one more potential barrier to entry.
This is a broad-spectrum anti-pathogen supplement. It has been successful at helping many overcome viral conditions over the last several years. We are encouraged by early results in cases presumed to be COVID-19 infections but as we mentioned above, official testing has yet to be performed at the time I am writing this. With that being said, I think it is very important that you have this at the ready in case COVID-19 affects you or your family. Specific dosing instructions are as follows:
  1. It is not harmful if you drink more than your calculated dose, but it is not helpful either.
  2. ½ bottle of Immune Defense for every 50lbs (23kg) taken within an hour. Another ½ bottle per 50lbs approximately 12 hours later.
  • 30lb (13kg) baby needs 1/3 bottle per dose, less than 1 bottle total (can be mixed with formula or flavor)
  • 50lb (23kg) baby needs ½ bottle per dose, 1 total
  • 110lb (45kg) person needs one bottle per dose, 2 total
  • 150lb (68kg) person needs 1.5 bottle per dose, 3 total
  • 200lb (90kg) person needs 2 bottles per dose, 4 total
  • In between weights simply round up, for example, a 175 (79kg) person should drink 2 bottles per dose, 4 total

We are heading into a relatively short period of significant challenges but it will pass. We here at Osmosis wish you and your family a safe passage through the pandemic.

Stay safe,
Ben Johnson, MD